Therapy for Chinese/Asian Americans

Therapy for Chinese / Asian Americans in NYC with Psychologist Dr. June

Mental health issues could be a challenge for Chinese and Asian Americans in New York City. As a therapist, Dr. June has effectively helped Chinese and other Asian Americans to  address anxietydepressionrelationship issues, stress, family, and other concerns. She has helped people from Asian countries such as Chinese, Indian, Korean, Japanese, Filipino, Vietnamese, and many others. She has extensive experiences in both psychotherapy practice and research and is dedicated to help Asian and Asian American clients. She has also provided consultation, supervision, and presentations on Asian Americans’ psychological issues for schools, universities, agencies, organizations, and national as well as international conferences.

Asians & Asian Americans

Asian Americans’ family value, its unique culture, and stigma towards mental health may get in the way of their seeking psychotherapy. Dr. June has more than 10 years of therapy and research experiences on Asian Americans’ help seeking behaviors. She has a deep  understanding of Asian and Asian American clients’ culture, bi-culture, ethnic identity, unique experiences as well as the root cause of their psychological issues. Her psychotherapy is tailored based on clients’ personality, individual needs, and their capability to make changes.

Chinese / Asian International Students

This is a unique population that Dr. June specializes in her therapy and counseling services. They face more stress and challenges living abroad, such as transitions to a foreign country, academic pressure, cultural differences, language barrier,  parents’ high expectations, worries about their future, rigor needed to succeed, leaving family and friends circle, difficulty making new friends, financial concerns, change of weather and diet, and adjustment issue in their developmental stage, the toughest time of all, teenage years and early adulthood. Many Chinese and Asian international students have dealt with psychological issues on their own, sleep problems, isolation, constant worries, feeling depressed, helpless, and a failure, and some even think about and attempted suicide.

Dr. June has helped many Chinese / Asian international students to cope with depressionanxietyrelationship issues, and overall adjustment. Her psychological services are tailored to Chinese and Asian international students. She has a better understanding and the effective assistance you need.  

Asian American Professionals

Dr. June has helped many Asian American professionals in therapy and coaching. In terms of professional development, she will assist you to improve interpersonal relationships, social and communication skills, decision-making, career growth, and other professional goals. As well, she will help you to cope with family issues, relationship concerns, stressself esteemdepressionanxiety, and other personal issues for enhanced well-being.