Therapy for Relationship

Relationship Therapy in NYC with Psychologist Dr. June

Get expert help on dating, breakup, separation, divorce, and other relationship issues

Dating in New York City could be daunting and breakup could be heartbreaking. Dr. June has helped many New Yorkers to handle issues in a relationship, the start, the decision-making, the conflicts, and the ending. Whether you are too shy to start dating, or have issues in a relationship, or want to recover from a breakup or divorce, Dr. June is here to help you to get empowered with effective tools to move forward in your life.


The dating world can be overwhelming for anyone, whether you have been on the dating scene for a while, or are recently out of a relationship. As a single man or woman, you may be puzzled by issues such as 

  • Being too shy to date or approach the person you like;
  • Unable to find a date or a relationship despite use of multiple online dating websites and apps;
  • Still having the baggage of ex, thinking about or talking too much about your ex;
  • Not feeling ready for a relationship;
  • Having no problem getting dates, but having problems staying in a relationship;
  • Having too many choices in the information age and having difficulty making decisions

Breakup / Divorce

The ending of a committed relationship could be very painful. Even though the relationship is over, you cannot simply “turn off” your feelings. Whether you have been dating for a year, or married for 20 years, breakup or divorce may bring feelings of sadness, guilt, anger, confusion, inadequacy, fear, and depression. A lot of times, your head tells you to move on, but your heart aches and is unable to follow your intellectual decision, even if you are the one who left.

Therapy helps you to learn how to initiate a breakup, cope with divorce, manage mental health issues related to a breakup, and better move on with your life. Dr. June will be a supportive and helpful part of your healing process. She can discuss any emotions or difficulties you experienced and explore ways to cope with negative feelings. She can help you to address any guilt or self-blame that may be experienced and help a person come to terms with the end of the relationship.

Relationship Issues