Therapy for Life Transition/Change

Cope with Life Transition & Change with Psychologist Dr. June

Life change could be tough, retirement, “empty nest”, parents’ divorce, and grief over loss of a loved one could be stressful. Even positive life transitions such as marriage, births, new jobs could have their unique challenges.  Dr. June has helped many New Yorkers to cope with their life transitions and would like to assist you to better adjust to changes that are out of your control.

Life changes may include many cases

  • Adapting to life after the death of a loved one (e.g., parents, spouse, children, sibling, pets);
  • Adjusting to life after having children, kids entering puberty, or going to college (i.e., “empty nest”);
  • Life after divorce, separation, or a breakup; 
  • Changing careers or coping with job loss;
  • Dealing with a move or retirement;
  • Coping with menopause, aging, or mid life crisis;
  • Adjusting to a family member’s coming out;