Therapy for Self-Esteem

Therapy with Dr. June to Improve Self Esteem in NYC

Low self-esteem is a persistent sense of inferiority that makes you feel worthless and incompetent in every aspect of your life. It can reduce your quality of life in many different ways, constant self-criticism can lead to depressionanxiety, anger, shame, body image problems, and relationship difficulties. Dr. June has helped many New Yorkers to learn to appreciate themselves and foster a positive sense of self. Get the help you need to achieve your goal. 

Warning Signs of Low Self Esteem: 

  • Constant self doubt, self criticism, and negative self talk, being overwhelmed with negative thoughts and emotions
  • Feeling unlikeable, unloved. or generally unwanted
  • Apologizing unnecessarily and self sacrificing to please others
  • Avoiding conflicts at all cost, e.g., easily giving in to arguments
  • Taking constructive criticism too personality as an insult and reacting emotionally
  • Having difficulty making simple decisions, indecisive, changing your mind over and over
  • Unable to handle a genuine compliment
  • Lack of confidence and giving up on your goals before you hardly started
  • Constantly comparing yourself with others and feeling incompetent 
  • Feeling afraid to contribute your opinion in conversations
  • Avoiding challenges for fear of failure 
  • Over-sensitive about others’ intention
  • Overcritical about others, trying to control others, and having strong sense of insecurity
  • Being drawn to destructive relationships both romantic and platonic
  • Easily depressed and anxious

How to Improve Self Esteem

Dr. June will help you to set goals to 

  • Explore the root cause of low self esteem; 
  • Learn different skills to reduce negative self-talk;
  • Challenge your negative thoughts and emotions;
  • Focus on your strengths;
  • Improve assertiveness in communication;
  • Take better care of yourself;
  • Connect with people who care about you; and 
  • Get the support you need.